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Maximize the floor space of room?

You need to buy bunk bed for attractive look of room.

Welcome to your one stop solution to the twin over full bunk bed that you are looking for. You can get a bunk bed here that will suit your need. If you have to children and one is bigger that the other a twin over full bunk bed maybe the best solution for you. You have a number of different styles of the twin over full bunk bed to choose from, you can go for elegant, modern or even the more contemporary design choice is yours.

We have suppliers that will lend a hand in helping you to choose a twin over full bunked. Reading what that have to offer and comparing it to the features that you are after is a great way to decide on which bunk bed to buy. We have provided some examples and features of some the twin over full bunk bed features that are available on the market today.

Twin over full bunk bed is perfect in which three children can easily fit in this type of bunk bed as the upper bunk is of full size.  This is the perfect bed for kids or we can name it bunk beds for kids. This is the type in which one full size bed is stacked over a twin size bed. This category is also known as double bunk beds. One bed is double mattress bed and the other one for single mattress for young children. Space of your room will definitely increase and you can use your room for other purposes. In this type of bunk beds there are many varieties. There are many cool bunk beds in this shop portal, Children love these types of beds because now they can sleep and play in the same place. The basic benefit of bunk beds can be separated into two different beds.

In large families there is one common problem that is space. It could be the personal space or the floor space.  When a new baby comes it this type of family then tension is more than happiness. The reason is they can’t afford a new room for the new baby. Also If there is two or more kids in a house and the parents can’t afford the extra space then this is the solution for them. For these types of problem twin over full bunk bed is the perfect solution. It comes with different add-ons like twin over full bunk bed with trundle, twin over full bunk bed with stairs etc. They can be used as bed for toys for little kids to play on. If somebody is sick in your home, then you can take full care for his/her on it. We prepared a list of 15 Bunk Beds to guide you and to make purchase on best fit for your room.

NOTE: A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one bed frame is stacked on top of another. The nature of bunk beds permits two or more individuals to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor space for other activities.

What Are The Benefits Of The Twin Over Full Bunk Bed?

Larger Families

Twin over full bunk beds can be perfect for larger families of 5 or more. This could maximize the sleeping arrangements especially if space is limited. Typical families like to have same gender siblings together in the same room.

This would be ideal when the children are within the same age range. An arrangement that wouldn’t be ideal would be to have a 16 year old teenager sharing a room with a five year aged. The full size bunk bed would possibly be too overwhelming for the 5 year aged. In this scenario a twin over full bunk bed would be a solution to this problem.

Limited Spaces

Parents looking for space saving ideas may like the idea of having bunk beds. A twin over full bunk bed may be an ideal solution when costs are not a factor and you want something future proof. What I mean by future proof is that the bunk bed has room for your children to grow into. Its proof that a goodish solid bed can last lifetime.

I have seen and met numerous families making their second or even their third bed purchase. They could have simply spent a third of the price for one twin over full bunk bed rather than spending all their cash on three differing kinds of bunk beds.

Taller Children

Families that have taller kids find it extra difficult in keeping up with their childrens needs. Many times these kids tend to quickly out grow everything they own. How often do you have to repurchase clothing because it seems that your children are growing faster than you can keep up?

Making the case for the twin over full bunk bed

There are many differing options regarding bunk beds for your home. If your relatives are within the discussed category: larger family, limited space, or taller children, so this bunk bed might be the answer for you.


  • Bunk beds are practically supported by four pillars at each corner of the bed.
  • A Ladder or Stair is used to get to the Top bunk bed.
  • Lower Bunk bed is Twin-Shaped Bed & Upper Bunk bed is also Full-shaped Bunk bed surrounded by a railing.
  • Some models also have a privacy curtain for the Lower Bunk.
  • Some models have unique & amazing Drawers.
  • Some models have in-built Stairs.


The top bunk of a bunk bed may be lined with safety rails to keep the user from rolling out and falling to the floor while sleeping.


The advantages of a bunk bed:

  • Two different beds:  One bed is double mattress bed and the other one for single mattress for young children.
  • More space: Bunk bed means use of small bedroom with 2 different beds. When you need, the bunk beds can be separated into two different twin beds.
  • Space: Space of your room will definitely increase and you can use your room for other purposes.
  • Cheaper: Budget of using Bunk bed is cheaper than using 2 different beds in a single room.
  • Some will convert in to sofas: Some of the bunk beds will be converted in to sofas or other furniture also it means it will help to enhance your budget also.
  • Bottom bed as a work station: You can work Bottom Bunk bed as a work station and Top Bunk bed for slept in.
  • They can be used as bed for toys for little kids to play on.
  • If somebody is sick in your home, then you can take full care for his/her on it.

Consider the things when buying a bunk bed:

Can they separate into two different same beds:

Be like that bunk bed which could separate and maintain their similarity and provide flexibility in the future when your children become mature or if we are facing any problem in our future for living purpose. Because some bunk beds are not made equal.
Separated two different twin bunk bed

How much space is between the bunks?

When your kids grows up their heads were touching the bottom of the top bunk and also when some adult sitting on the bottom bunk bed his/her head is also kicking the bottom of the top bunk bed.
No one can sit easily on bottom bunk bed

What is that total height of bunk bed?

Always consider the height of bunk bed, if the height of bunk bed is not compatible to your room then you will not enjoy the top bunk bed.
Height is not compatible

Trundle is present or not?

Trundle beds are very good choice for a guest bedroom. If you have small room and worried about guest then don’t worry because bunk beds is use to maximize the floor space and trundle beds is beautiful & amazing pattern for them.

How stable will the bunk bed be?

Whenever you have the choice to buy the bunk beds always consider that how much bunk bed will be stable because bunk bed has two parts: Bottom bunk bed & Top bunk bed so, always check the weight & fixation of bunk bed.

Walker Edison BTODWH Horizon Twin/Double Bunk Bed Frame White

Now you can have the elegance and the functionality all in one, that is what you get with this stylish bunk bed, with its striking appearance. The design of this bunk beds is a stylish modern crafted look that is made from durable steel framing. The concept of the design is with regards to safety. You will always be safe as it it includes full length guard rails and also strong sturdy ladder. This a great buy if you want to save space.

Lakeland Mills Pine Log Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

You can now bring that outdoor feel to you home with this Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed. Even if you are not up in the northern frontiers, this bed can take you to a place in your imagination that up to now was only a dream. It has an extra rail on the top bunk for added safety. And its stylish rustic log look is the main highlight to this bunkbed. All the pine logs that were used to make this bed are by-products of the plywood industry. Once assemble the bed is ready for instant use.

Teen Trends Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Powell 517-094 WHT

Where you need to save space, but still want the luxury of a good sleep, this is bed is a great solution. Two beds where one would usually go is a great space saver. This bed has a twin size bed at the top and at the bottom is a full sized bed. The bed is frame with heavy duty tubular steel, in a silver finish. You are also equipped with not one, but two ladders on each on of the bunk bed. its uses a twin size mattress which is 74-75 long and 37.5-38.5 wide on the upper bunk.

Powell 938-076 3 Matte Black Textured Twin/Futon Bunk Bed

Gorgeous contemporary styling so that you can sleep in the a functional way is the theme of this bunk bed. The top bed is a twin bed size and the bottom is a full size futon bed. This bed is great for siblings and for sleep overs. The bed is made with safety in mind. The bed is made from metal tubing that measures 3 inches in diameter. A full length guard rail is fitted to prevent any unintentional falling. It has ladders fitted on both sides of the bed, the twin over full bunkbed is great for saving space.

Mattress is a large pad for supporting the Leaning back body, used as a bed or as part of a bed. Mattresses may consist of a quilted or comparably secured case, as a rule of substantial fabric, that contains hair, straw, cotton, froth elastic, and so forth or a system of metal springs. Mattresses are usually placed on top of a bed case which may be strong. There are 5 different categories of mattresses:

  • Memory Form Mattress:

Memory foam mattresses use conforming visco-elastic foam over firmer polyurethane base foam. Some innerspring mattresses have memory foam in their upholstery layer. Different feels and comfort levels are achieved by varying the thickness, weight and formulation of the visco-elastic foams and the base foams.

  • Gel Form Mattress:

Gel mattresses have all the properties of memory foam with the added benefit of cooling gel beads. These tiny beads bond with the foam, allowing more airflow to regulate the mattress temperature throughout the night.

  • Hybrid Mattress:

Hybrid mattresses combine individually pocketed inner-springs with memory foam to create the ultimate sleep experience. Hybrids allow sleepers to get the best of both worlds and enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.

  • Inner Spring:

Innerspring mattresses commonly consist of just the spring core, and the top and bottom upholstery layers.

  • Latex Mattress:

Latex foam is a type of foam designed to outlast traditional spring mattresses. It can be made using natural or synthetic (man-made) ingredients.

Bed rails is used to fix on the side of the bed so that children will not fall down from the bed while sleeping. Basically, it is widely used in the cases of small children and also used on bunk beds where the top bunk bed must have side bed rails to protect the children from falling down. Whenever we buy any kind of furniture the first thing that clicks on our mind is safety.  Many children have the habit of moving here and there while sleeping and it is not possible that we are always present there for their safety so, we need something that will protect our children from falling and that is bed rails. It is also known as bed guard rails because it guards our children. Not only children sometimes it is used for the safety of the elders of the house.  It has different sizes or patterns like toddler bed railadult bed railsbaby bed rails etc. but the purpose of all the bed rails exist as same i.e. safety of our near and dear.